Intuitive Bodywork for all Horses

Intuitive Bodywork for all Horses

Intuitive Bodywork for all HorsesIntuitive Bodywork for all Horses


My mother, Freddie, has truly found another important place to be;at the barn working with horses. The horses love this work and the results.

                                                ~ Michaela Warren

Fredericka loves what she does and it shows. her dedication to the well-being of each horse she has the pleasure of working with is remarkable. just as soon as she lays her hands on a horse the healing begins. 

                                                ~ J. Mendolia

My horses have enjoyed sessions with EquiBalance so much! They relax, release tension and tight spots, which helps improve their mental well being and physical performance.                                      ~Claire affleck training

    I have had the pleasure of working alongside Fredericka Warren while refining and learning new bodywork techniques. I admire her ability to connect with horses and am confident in her bodywork techniques to improve the overall well-being of any horse she works with. I trust her judgement and I know she would do her due diligence in solving any equine lameness or wellness issues by referencing her own experience and education or, if need be, utilizing the resources of the Masterson Method community in order to assist her client.                                                                                        ~Dale Grove Equi-Motion Performance Horse Bodywork                                                                   


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