Intuitive Bodywork for all Horses

Intuitive Bodywork for all Horses

Intuitive Bodywork for all HorsesIntuitive Bodywork for all Horses

important notes

Witnessing equine bodywork is magical and I welcome your presence during the session. 

After we discuss your horse's history, present job, well-being, and any issues I will then turn my attention to him and begin to work. My focus is with the horse and to better connect and to stay safe around him I will become very quiet.  Please feel free to ask any questions during a break. 

Oftentimes, bodywork sessions begin by uncovering the secondary issue your horse has because of an underlying, primary cause. It is the horse's nature only to show weakness when they can no longer hide

Important Considerations

Equine bodywork does not replace the care given to your horse by his veterinarian, farrier, and dentist. If your horse is ill or injured or is in recovery please clear bodywork with your veterinarian first.

Sessions typically last 1-2 hours. Please have him in the barn prior to our session. For your horse's comfort please have dirt and mud well brushed off. 

I will work around your horse's feeding schedule. Remove hay from his stall. Water is essential. 

It is better to work on a "cold" horse.  If you plan on riding before our session please allow him an hour to cool down.

Afterward, the horse should be turned out. If that is not an option the horse should be hand walked for 10 minutes. Light riding is fine. Your horse needs time to move and feel the positive effects of the bodywork. 

Please give a 24 hour cancellation notice at 315.256.7422.

The travel fee, charged after 30 miles, may be shared between clients if all horses are seen at the same location and on the same day. 

Travel fees from zipcode 13031:

31-45 miles: $30

46-60 miles: $35

over 60 miles TBD