Intuitive Bodywork for all Horses

Intuitive Bodywork for all Horses


About Me


This story begins because of Flynn

For the last twenty six years my family and I have had the privilege of caring for the nine horses that have come into our lives; each with their own story. 


When my daughter's horse, Flynn, began compensating for the restriction in his right knee which caused him to trip and show signs of discomfort, I began my search to help this lovely horse who has proven to be a true friend to Michaela. 

Becoming certified as a Masterson Method practitioner has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments of my professional and personal journey. 

And so it is that I offer my services to you and your equine partner.        


The Masterson Method

The Masterson Method is an integrated, multi-modality method of equine massage which identifies and releases tension in the three key junctions of the horse's body that most affect performance and well-being.

Although equine bodywork compliments veterinary care it does not replace it. 


Let's get to work!

Simply put: All horses hold tension. 

A private session:

I welcome the opportunity to travel to your barn and work with your horse.  An individual session typically lasts 2 hours and the cost is $100.

A clinic:

Round up  at least 4 human/horse teams, not including the host, and the host's fee is waived. Maximum number of teams is 6. The cost is $75 per team. Auditing is available for $45 after at least 4 participants are booked.

Travel fees from zipcode 13031 are as follows:

31-45 miles: $30

46-60 miles: $35

over 60 miles TBD

Travel fee may be waived if three or more horses have a session on the same day.  

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